Cease The Day CD DIGI
Cease The Day CD DIGI Cease The Day CD DIGI Cease The Day CD DIGI


Cease The Day CD DIGI

Artist: IN THE WOODS...
Label: Debemur Morti

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: progressive emotional blackened atmospheric metal

with Botteri brothers out of the picture for good, one might wonder if it makes sense to continue ITW at all, yet this eight tracker is a damn effective answer to all unbelievers: Anders Kobro has a perfect vision where their music must drift, where Mr. Fog fits in the picture even better than on Pure, deservedly becoming the genius front face of this enigmatic entity; the most mesmerizing thing is that they have captured a unique spirit of early era, even including some rawer and darker, thunderous black metal episodes to a great effect; three panel digipak edition