Afterglow CD DIGI
Afterglow CD DIGI Afterglow CD DIGI Afterglow CD DIGI


Afterglow CD DIGI

Label: Agonia

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: harmonious melancholic progressive death metal

Swedish band is not the only one in the world that never disappoints, yet this latest opus is a real gem in progressive doomy death metal area: taking from where they left off four years ago, including a sea-related concept, dudes have developed intense, diverse and quite complex approach to the genre, crowning the whole effort with splendid heavy-weighted production, justifying every bit of music that surrounds and hypnotize the listener like that immense, boundless water; to cut the crap - these guys are worth much more than they actually receive so far!; digipak edition is limited to the first press