Suomi Finland Perkele CD DIGI
Suomi Finland Perkele CD DIGI


Suomi Finland Perkele CD DIGI

Label: Osmose
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: harmonious violent aggressive black metal

ImpNaz evolution in early stage has been developing lightning fast - in few years and albums they have drifted from harsh blackers to melodic metal, yet that was just one of the aspects of diverse music: spices of hardcore find their moments on the third studio album [1994] plus they keep experimenting with cyber sounds; seems that it is impossible to fit it all maintaining extreme black metal line at the same time, but this longplay is also important for its concept dedicated to dire fight of Finns against soviets in Winter War - exactly that is stressed once again with this recent digipak edition, which celebrates one hundred years of Finnish Independence, crowning the cover and entire design in national flag colours, limiting its printrun to 1000 units