Rapture CD DIGI
Rapture CD DIGI Rapture CD DIGI Rapture CD DIGI


Rapture CD DIGI

Label: Osmose
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: intense extreme apocalyptic black metal

apocalyptic rock'n roll reigns supreme on fifth nominal full-length release [1998] by nuclear black metal purveyors, spreading speed and violence as the primal evidence of total holocaust that shall fall upon earth sooner than you think - a pile of straightforward and direct numbers leave no cross unturned and no hope saved, while Mika Luttinen sends a control shot with his deranged voice on each and every refrain, praising satan with relentless strength; French digipak re-issue comes with a remastered sound, entirely new design and no less than nine bonus tracks, recorded live in Strasbourg, December 1996