Failures For Gods LP
Failures For Gods LP Failures For Gods LP Failures For Gods LP


Failures For Gods LP

Label: Metal Blade
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: USA
Style: dark twisted technical death metal

eight more powerfully crushing hymns dedicated to the unholy dark lord are performed by New York's death metal antichrists on their representative third full-length opus [1999]: this time round the production is very underground and emphatically disordered, what strengthens this chaos-inspired music even more, creating turbulent, sinister and dark images in listener's brain; this album by never disappointing veterans marks the impressive introduction of Alex Hernandez on drums, who spreads deadly malevolent energy in spades; recent heavy cardboard sleeve black 180g vinyl edition comes with analog sound mastering, pro-printed lyric insert and two-sided 60x60 cm artwork poster