Sense The Darkness CD
Sense The Darkness CD Sense The Darkness CD Sense The Darkness CD


Sense The Darkness CD

Label: Massacre
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: DEN
Style: energetic intricate straightforward death metal

Danish death metal powerforce had quite a few ups and downs, drifting away and returning back to their ferocious roots of music, always maintaining the groove-oriented direction - these eleven cuts, presenting new guitar player Smukke Ken, in many ways feel like another day at the office, cutting with small experiments of previous album and rather focusing on poignant harmonies within the bottom-heavy, chunky guitar sound, making the die-hard fans think of their early era on more than few occasions, while Bo Sommer's vocal pitch is almost identical; perhaps a bit predictable set per se, this death metal scheibe is nevertheless honest and charmy in its own way!