Ildjarn 2LP
Ildjarn 2LP Ildjarn 2LP Ildjarn 2LP


Ildjarn 2LP

Label: Underground Activists / Season of Mist

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: grim misanthropic nekro black metal

for a specific kind of nekro black metal sound admirers this is perhaps the most revered name within Norwegian underground: this debut longplay from Telemark loner, once a live member of Emperor line-up, delivering short and direct, ultimately primitive, intense and plain destructive pieces of music, was sought after by collectors and unavailable for eighteen years since the very 1995's edition - twenty seven cuts manifest the spooky and severe call of the northern forests where weird eerie elements also get into the picture; limited and hand-numbered gatefold sleeve double black vinyl re-issue comes with completely new artwork and design, copy #462/500