Forest Poetry 2LP
Forest Poetry 2LP Forest Poetry 2LP Forest Poetry 2LP


Forest Poetry 2LP

Label: Underground Activists / Season of Mist

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: grim misanthropic nekro black metal

super raw, ultra extreme, mega classic, or sheer aural hatred from the cult one man band on the third and the last release [1996] in nekro black metal series - Vidar Våer aka Ildjarn proves once again to record the rawest and angriest music that have ever come out of Norway, with do-it-yourself sound and twice as unbearable production as both Panzerfaust and Pentagram put together; aggressive bass-lines, raspy screeching, and generally great riffs make this one step above the typical Ildjarn offer, in spite of prevailing rehearsal-garage atmosphere; limited and hand-numbered gatefold sleeve double black vinyl re-issue comes with completely new artwork and design, copy #222/500