Telemark MCD DIGI
Telemark MCD DIGI Telemark MCD DIGI Telemark MCD DIGI


Telemark MCD DIGI

Artist: IHSAHN
Label: Mnemosyne / Candlelight / Spinefarm
Price: 11€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: intricate dynamic progressive black metal

it is safe to name this as one of a kind, tribute EP, and it is not just about the title, name of the city Emperor were formed and the man still lives in, but also these three compositions winking back to black metal origins, especially when vocals are concerned, while fairly intense music with Norwegian lyrics and focus on darker aesthetics has more than one angle of course, including saxophone contribution by Jørgen Munkeby and admittedly progressive nature, pleasing those admiring the tradition with a fair share of novelty; on top of that, covers of Lenny Kravitz and Iron Maiden come as a surprise and special bonus on this digisleeve edition