Svartkonst LP
Svartkonst LP Svartkonst LP Svartkonst LP


Svartkonst LP

Label: Agonia
Price: 20€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: grim hypnotizing depressive black metal

after the tragic end of stir invoking Lifelover, Kim Carlsson has turned back to his other projects: Hypothermia perhaps is the most depressive of them all and maybe the closest to that ex.ensemble, yet the release in question is exceptional due to its exclusively instrumental nature; it is as minimal as possible, in parts reflecting the past and bringing the idea that creative streams turn into music without any side influences; in other words, simplicity hides profound matters, while seemingly home-made recording openly reveals the inner world of the band members; limited gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition comes with pro-printed inner sleeve and additional A3 poster