The Dark Ride 2LP
The Dark Ride 2LP The Dark Ride 2LP


The Dark Ride 2LP

Label: Nuclear Blast / Back On Black
Price: 30€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: GER
Style: dynamic melodic heavy speed metal

ninth studio album [2000] by melodic power metal masters is characterised by unusually gritty, thick and heavy sound - perhaps a result of their march hand in hand with time, but regardless of that it makes a solid, dynamic combination with piercing guitar riffs and memorable choruses, flawlessly delivered by Andi Deris; All Over The Nations baldly nods to the speedy upbeat heyday of the genre, while If I Could Fly has deservedly turned into a worldwide hit number one; recent British special limited gatefold sleeve double black/white splatter gray vinyl edition comes with three extra songs on side D