Demon Entrails 2CD DIGI Demon Entrails 2CD DIGI Demon Entrails 2CD DIGI


Demon Entrails 2CD DIGI

Label: Prowling Death / Century Media

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: SWI
Style: morbid death doom black metal

here we go with morbid death, doom and black metal legend - the ultimate, first and only official release of authentic recordings is dedicated for all die-hard fans of pure necro cult: Triumph of Death demo, recorded live in studio in June 1983, sends mostly black metal style greetings of the first wave, Death Fiend demo, recorded at the same time, is tad more spontaneous and experimental, while the infamous Satanic Rites studio demo [December 1983] triumphs with material much closer to early Celtic Frost paradigm; all 29 cuts were treated with a digital sound remaster, and are packaged in an exclusive double digifile form with impressive visionary art by Tom Gabriel Warrior himself