Dead But Dreaming CD
Dead But Dreaming CD Dead But Dreaming CD Dead But Dreaming CD


Dead But Dreaming CD

Label: Primitive Reaction
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: UKR
Style: intense straightforward atmospheric black metal

this release can be proudly considered as an epitaph to the ambitious, exceptional entity that managed to turn the relentless black metal train a peculiar way: compilation of rare and/or previously unreleased on CD material includes two unpublished before studio songs, Polish Arkona Wściekłość która nadchodzi cover, and four live songs from one of their rare performances during Kolovorot festival in 2001, including Bolt Thrower Cenotaph cover; this is no less than an artifact of true East European black metal golden dawn, dedicated to the masters of art and literature like H.P. Lovecraft and H. Bosch