Pamięć i Przeznaczenie CD
Pamięć i Przeznaczenie CD


Pamięć i Przeznaczenie CD

Label: Warheart
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: POL
Style: grim warlike epic pagan metal

originally conceived in 2001 and released one year later as Memory and Destiny, sixth longplay of epic heathen metal icon is now completely re-arranged with newly recorded drums, Polish sung vocals, choirs, and real violin added by Alruna [Lord Wind] as guest member, with a new cover artwork, mix and sound mastering finalizing an updated version; such a scenario gives way to fresh and organic effect that is so important in emotionally-charged music, giving listeners a chance to re-discover the bombastic potential of these epic and powerful compositions, Legion Gigantów video comes as bonus