Ogień Przebudzenia CD DIGI
Ogień Przebudzenia CD DIGI


Ogień Przebudzenia CD DIGI

Label: Warheart
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: POL
Style: grim majestic epic pagan metal

released in 2003 as The Fire of Awakening, seventh full-length of epic heathen metal icon now comes back in a revamped shape, updated with Polish sung vocals, real violin and viola parts added by Alruna [Lord Wind] as guest member, new cover artwork, mix and sound mastering; partly a return to hypnotic and stirring epic pagan black metal roots of Immortal Pride and even Thousand Swords opuses, at first music sounds simple, yet eventually gets more elaborated, gradually building in intensity and leading the listener to new, uncharted territories with its epic construction and overall grandeur; grandeur; first press digipak edition is limited to 500 units