Celtic Winter CD
Celtic Winter CD Celtic Winter CD Celtic Winter CD


Celtic Winter CD

Label: Warheart
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: POL
Style: mystical ferocious unholy black metal

seminal mini album [1993] of mystic atmospheric black metal by notorious Polish horde is no less legendary than their cult demos: rough provocative music sounds like bone-chilling winds sweeping over a bleak, desolate battle plain, creating a peculiar dreadful, deadly and penetrating atmosphere - nobody has managed to come even close to it ever since, whilst the thick unbearable sound has become the genre's classic; recent Polish deluxe slipcase re-issue comes with fully remastered sound, different track order, and alternative mix version of all the tracks, while boolet contains all lyrics, rare photos, and liner notes by Ash [Nargaroth], Nergal [Behemoth] and Varggoth [Nokturnal Mortum]