The Beginning CD
The Beginning CD The Beginning CD The Beginning CD


The Beginning CD

Label: Cold Void
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: rough unpolished necrotic black metal

Mexican bootleg gives value for the money put in production of it - all early recordings of ultimately raw necrotic Norwegian black metal cult are collected on one CD: early ferocious A Sorcery Written In Blood demo [1993], seminal Promo tape [1994] opening up the doors to a record deal, The Last Tormentor EP [1996], tracked live at Garage pub in Bergen, and five more live tracks recorded in Germany in 1996; it captures the spirit of time, when Norsk black metal scene was producing exceptionally strong recordings, featuring many classic tracks like Revelation of Doom, Sexual Bloodgargling and Måneskyggens Slave, among others