Streetcleaner 2CD DIGI
Streetcleaner 2CD DIGI Streetcleaner 2CD DIGI Streetcleaner 2CD DIGI


Streetcleaner 2CD DIGI

Label: Earache

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: fundamental destructive experimental industrial metal

one of the pioneering records by godfathers of experimental industrial metal, who took it to the next level of creativity fusing ultra-classic loud and heavy guitars with destructively slow drum loops and sound effects; this is the most revered debut longplay [1989] of Godflesh, the starter ov it all - a psyched out attack, which sounds like the first nail into your rusty coffin; recent deluxe five panel digipak re-issue comes with a remastered sound and twelve track bonus CD, including demos, unreleased mixes, rehearsal versions and live tracks from 1988-1990, coming straight from Justin Broadrick's [ex.Napalm Death] cassette vaults, while booklet features exclusive liner notes and interview