Land of The Free 2CD DIGI
Land of The Free 2CD DIGI Land of The Free 2CD DIGI Land of The Free 2CD DIGI


Land of The Free 2CD DIGI

Label: Ear / Edel
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: GER
Style: dynamic melodic speed power metal

after separating ways with the previous vocalist, on this fourth studio full-length [1995] Kai Hansen, first time since fundamental Walls of Jericho, takes over the vocals himself, and does that in a more than convincing way - first of all due to sincere dedication to the cause, moreover that music is in big part written by himself either; thirteen sweeping, multilayered tracks confirm the power of German expression even in darker times for the melodic genre, while both Hansi Kursch [Blind Guardian] and Michael Kiske [Helloween] make occasional guest appearance as well; deluxe anniversary digipak re-issue comes with a remastered sound, expanded by liner notes and vintage images' booklet, as well as extra disk with seven rare cuts, instrumental versions and Holocaust Heavy Metal Mania cover for die-hard supporters