Untouchable Glory LP
Untouchable Glory LP Untouchable Glory LP Untouchable Glory LP


Untouchable Glory LP

Label: AFM
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: IRL
Style: intense energetic speed thrash metal

unhealthy overdose of killer riffs for thrash maniac is a good sign, and when it comes to Gama Bomb, they are one of the safest options to get that, always inventing at least a dozen of sharp and furious numbers, reduced to the essential genre elements, but brimming with insane tornado-like dynamics, energy, variety and tension aplenty along their trademark, slightly absurd humour, while conceptual design, including cover artwork, pays tribute to vintage horror flicks - none the less than another outstanding record, sir!; gatefold sleeve pink vinyl edition is limited to 250 units