Sinister Creed CD
Sinister Creed CD Sinister Creed CD Sinister Creed CD


Sinister Creed CD

Label: Avantgarde
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: NED
Style: grim intense occult black metal

it has been eleven long years since the previous full-length by notorious Dutch entity, where Hellchrist Xul is left alone to continue the secret orthodox ceremonies along the session drummer M.Z. Inversus - their common effort revives old school morbid metal values once set by Bathory and Beherit, intensifying the spirit with relentlessly crushing, furious and thrashing riffs and busy rhythmics, while ominous, esoteric vibe echoes within the halls of unholy vastness, pleasing the die-hard audience craving for authentic second wave of black metal purity