Twisted Into Form CD
Twisted Into Form CD Twisted Into Form CD Twisted Into Form CD


Twisted Into Form CD

Label: Relativity / Century Media

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: USA
Style: energetic harmonious technical thrash metal

sophomore, and - according to numerous fans and critics - the magnum opus [1990] by Californian thrash metal cult, where they make quite a leap forward from still immensely classic debut: much more complex, multidimensional, harmonious and intricate album knocks down with superb musicianship and memorable songwriting; One Foot In Hell could easily win the perfect ending track contest, while the rest of eight track journey covers a plethora of emotions within angry, bitter and tad more expressive material; recent German re-issue comes with four live bonuses, including Judas Priest Victim of Changes cover, from Raw Evil - Live at The Dynamo MLP, recorded at famous festival in Netherlands on May 15th 1989