Trollhammaren MLP
Trollhammaren MLP Trollhammaren MLP Trollhammaren MLP


Trollhammaren MLP

Label: Spinefarm / Hammerheart
Price: 20€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: hellish rebelious troll folk metal

this mini album [2004] serves as a prelude to the fourth Nattfödd opus, starting up a feast with unbeatable, staple title track, one of [if not] the most addictive song by humpa metal pioneers - its upbeat, shallow vibe is indeed hard to resist, but after that four other no less catchy songs follow, exclusive to this EP, varying from equally fast paced and smashing loud numbers to more atmospheric, darker tunes on par with the best things these dudes have done on first couple of releases, while Försvinn Du Som Lyser is a reworked anthem from acoustic Visor om Slutet album with a heavy focus; first time ever - limited black vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed lyric insert