Force of Habit CD
Force of Habit CD Force of Habit CD Force of Habit CD


Force of Habit CD

Artist: EXODUS
Label: Capitol / Caroline

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: USA
Style: bitter intricate thrash heavy metal

like some other early nineties' albums by thrash metal giants, where they went a bit more rocking and mainstream way, fifth longplay [1992] of Exodus is fairly underrated and quite ambitious: slower songs with downtuned guitar sound have formed completely different paradigm of typically bitter and emotionally high-tempered sonicscape; nobody could blame Gary and Rick in lack of solos, while Steve does a good job to vary his poignant vocal style - last but not least, tracks like Feeding Time at the Zoo are a proof enough that this band was far behind its final demise, eventually reformed in 1997; limited original LP replica digisleeve edition comes with a remastered sound, Crawl Before You Walk and Telepathic bonuses, US import