Antithesis of Light CD
Antithesis of Light CD Antithesis of Light CD


Antithesis of Light CD

Artist: EVOKEN
Label: Peaceville

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: USA
Style: crushing funeral doom death metal

funeral doom progenitors were among the first wave of US doom/death metal bands, and it took them four years to concoct and perfect the astonishingly heavy dirges of this third full-length [2005], but the ultimate dark esotericism that lies behind its twisted imagination, redefining the unplumbed depths of the universal doom trench, was all worth it - utterly lightless, oppressive claustrophobia is carved out of its songs' cyclopean husks; recent super jewel box re-issue comes with a previously unreleased Coveting Elysium track from promo 2002 as bonus