Hemmed by Light, Shaped by Darkness 2LP
Hemmed by Light, Shaped by Darkness 2LP


Hemmed by Light, Shaped by Darkness 2LP

Label: Agonia
Price: 22€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: ITA
Style: progressive adventurous avantgarde extreme metal

fourth and the final album by extreme metal innovators, featuring the most notorious international line-up, is ignited by commitment and passion, taking their uncompromising will to experiment to a whole new level of intensity; it is a multilayered hybrid of avantgarde, jazz and post rock altered heaviness, where intuition sits as the only significant parameter behind numerous quirky features shaping this complex music - it might be a task to decipher this puzzle of a band never bounded by rules, yet it is definitely worth a try; gatefold sleeve white/black splatter double vinyl edition with pro-printed inner sleeves is limited to 350 units