Vertebrae 2LP
Vertebrae 2LP Vertebrae 2LP


Vertebrae 2LP

Label: Indie / Back On Black

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: epic progressive esoteric pagan metal

album by album evolving on, trying to get as possibly close to the essence of musical expression, on tenth full-length [2008] Norwegian quintet reaches the next triumphant stage in the arcane development; it continues Enslaved's path towards more esoteric musical pastures, retaining the trademark heaviness: tempos slacken, guitars and keyboards rain minor chords, while melancholic atmosphere bleeds through the speakers until thy headspace is left somewhere between pulverized and comfortably numb; album was mastered in New York's Sterling Sound studio by the legendary George Marino; recent gatefold sleeve double white 180g vinyl edition is limited to 1000 units