Hordanes Land PLP
Hordanes Land PLP Hordanes Land PLP Hordanes Land PLP


Hordanes Land PLP

Label: Candlelight / Black Sleeves
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: intense majestic viking black metal

by the end of 1992, with two demos under the belt and hot deal with newcomer Candlelight label, notorious Bergen three-piece have entered the studio to nail down their three most epic, intricate and technically advanced cuts by that time, soon realized as the first 12" vinyl and split CD with Emperor - historically important, explosive, insanely intense, yet majestic and harmonious viking black metal recording helped to define the whole genre and the band's direction for years to come; deluxe Spanish picture disk edition is rumoured to be pressed in 100 units only