Prometheus [The Discipline of Fire & Demise] PLP
Prometheus [The Discipline of Fire & Demise] PLP


Prometheus [The Discipline of Fire & Demise] PLP

Label: Candlelight / Black Sleeves / Kankana

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: poignant poetic progressive black metal

undisputed kings of black metal returned in 2001 with what would be their last studio album ever, for the final time challenging the concepts and percepts of black metal, taking musical risks that no others in the genre would even contemplate, thus pushing the boundaries of progressive extreme music to a new level ahead of time; a myriad of influences create some of the most memorable moments in Emperors' illustrious history, ending their recording career on the highest note possible, creating their heaviest, most progressive and modern album to date - still a masterpiece of it's time; recent deluxe picture disk edition is rumoured to be limited to 100 units only!