Purgatory Afterglow CD
Purgatory Afterglow CD Purgatory Afterglow CD Purgatory Afterglow CD


Purgatory Afterglow CD

Label: Black Mark

Release Year: 2003
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: innovative menacing progressive death metal

a natural sequence of The Spectral Sorrows, the fourth longplay finds the exceptional five-piece move closer to progressive death metal area - initially it must have ended up as two separate EPs, dividing darker and more extreme side of music and milder, atmospheric tracks, but eventually it was released like we know it today, and not a bad move it was: die-hard Swedish death metal worshipers might still wonder what the hell Black Tears was doing in here, but this gothic rock-alike number turned into a real hit back in mid nineties - unique and impressive album [1994] marks the golden Edge of Sanity era; recent European edition comes with authentic design and cover artwork by Necrolord