Forgotten Legends CD
Forgotten Legends CD Forgotten Legends CD Forgotten Legends CD


Forgotten Legends CD

Artist: DRUDKH
Label: Underground Activists / Season of Mist
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: UKR
Style: profound mesmerizing misanthropic black metal

the start of this tremendous Ukrainian project, featuring former Hate Forest and Astrofaes members, that ever since became one of the leading forces in elemental primordial pagan black metal movement, was goddamn profound, mysterious and misanthropic - debut longplay [2003] creates a groggy, muddy atmosphere with a hope coated in sludge and decadence; these four evoking and longing tracks with autumnal images were actually recorded in hot summer, building an infectious, mesmerizing vibe; recent French edition comes with a remastered sound and smartly upgraded layout