Stormblåst LP+EP
Stormblåst LP+EP Stormblåst LP+EP


Stormblåst LP+EP

Label: Nuclear Blast
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: haunting technical atmospheric black metal

in summer of 2005 Norwegian entity has made pretty unusual step for black metal world and fully re-recorded their second longplay from 1996 in Abyss Studios, with an aim to strengthen and partly re-arrange its music as well as alter some lyrics - powerful, abysmally chilling production and much more precise delivery now sounds like quite a new experience with a masterful Hellhammer's [Mayhem] performance on drums, not withdrawing their trademark neosymphonic approach; recent gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition comes with additional 7"EP record, featuring both unreleased cuts - Avmaktslave and Sorgens Kammer - Del II