Thrash Anthems CD
Thrash Anthems CD Thrash Anthems CD Thrash Anthems CD


Thrash Anthems CD

Label: AFM
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: GER
Style: fundamental devastating aggressive thrash metal

regardless that opinions about re-recorded albums with old songs often differ, there are no quarrels about Teutonic thrashers since this is a project worth of total respect - a gift for the die-hard fans, who have been dreaming for a long time about hearing Bestial Invasion, Total Desaster, Curse The Gods, Invincible Force, Life Without Sense and a bunch of other classics with updated modern production!; a bold statement can be made that original versions have been suffering from limited sound abilities, and on top of that the power trio has added two new, elsewhere unreleased cuts, while Schmier deserves a special hail for performing Cracked Brain for the first time