All Hell Breaks Loose 2LP
All Hell Breaks Loose 2LP All Hell Breaks Loose 2LP


All Hell Breaks Loose 2LP

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: GER
Style: classic dynamic intense thrash metal

much anticipated comeback album [2000] of cult Teutonic thrashers after ten years of absence from their classic sound, and the first longplay featuring Schmier in line up once again: twelve exterminating tracks sound fuckin' killer, unmistakably destructive, and instantly bring them back to the hottest spot of authentic thrash world, also helping to inspire the revival of the genre in early noughties, Total Desaster is featured in a re-recorded version; recent gatefold sleeve clear 180g double vinyl edition comes with six bonus songs of the first Bestial Invasion From Hell demo [1984] and A2 sized poster, it is limited to 150 hand-numbered units