Phoenix Rising LP
Phoenix Rising LP Phoenix Rising LP Phoenix Rising LP


Phoenix Rising LP

Artist: DESTRÖYER 666
Label: Season of Mist
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: AUS
Style: devastating thrash black death metal

exterminating warlike black/death metal with raw, vicious, thrashing production and occasional infernal melody popping up here and there - that is the amazing second full-length [2000] by the fundamental barbaric Aussie school torch-bearers, serving them as a breakthrough from Southern shores into vast worldwide waters; absolute classic of the genre by one of the heaviest and most uncompromising bands in the global extreme metal movement is frequently labeled as total war in sonic form; recent gatefold sleeve clear vinyl edition with a remastered sound, new cover artwork and design, liner notes and additional A2 sized poster is limited to 250 units