Hellfire's Dominion 2LP
Hellfire's Dominion 2LP Hellfire's Dominion 2LP Hellfire's Dominion 2LP


Hellfire's Dominion 2LP

Label: Merciless
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: GER
Style: rough aggressive black thrash metal

the most noticeable thing in music of Teutons, comparing with the debut, is a refined ability to write ultimately memorable tunes, so this sophomore full-length output [1998] by black/thrash soldiers brims with schlagers, if it is okay to name this igniting, relentless and heavy musical genre like that - thrash takes over the black metal on these ten cuts, while choruses of Teutonic Steel and Metalized Blood sound close to classic eighties heavy metal tradition as well; however, Desaster masterfully maintain their specific sound, and explode with one of the most expressive records; limited twenty year anniversary gatefold sleeve double black vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed four page vinyl sleeve sized insert featuring a review collage from underground zines plus vintage photo collection, bonus Sodom Proselytism Real cover, and pre-production version of the entire album, recorded at the Desaster Dungeons, on second vinyl