Grēks. Važas. Brīve. CD
Grēks. Važas. Brīve. CD Grēks. Važas. Brīve. CD


Grēks. Važas. Brīve. CD

Label: self released
Price: 11€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: LAT
Style: expressive technical death thrash metal

debut ten track longplay by the young blood of Latvian scene after a successsful EP two years ago knocks out with its strengths, basing the sound around groovy death/thrash metal with menacing raspy vocals, yet there is also a hint or two borrowed from heavier side of Skyforger, especially in memorable choruses and infectious song structuring, minus the folklore touch in music, but they also sing in native tongue about the spirit of battle, ancient cults and symbols, making a strong personal statement!