Satan's Tomb MCD DIGI
Satan's Tomb MCD DIGI Satan's Tomb MCD DIGI Satan's Tomb MCD DIGI


Satan's Tomb MCD DIGI

Label: Metal Blade
Price: 10€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: DEN
Style: frightening mystical dramatic heavy metal

short-lived, but Danish metal roots propelling project has been launched with this four track EP recording, collecting early ideas of ambitious dramatic heavy metal, developed over few years: again hired artist who has contributed the cover artwork of Don't Break The Oath longplay shows a clear direction, while both kult Mercyful Fate guitar players easy find the corner points for mutual cooperation, suiting each other in creative process like a glove - music production has that modern perfection and does not surprise as much as in 1984, yet a credit must be due for the genius guitar performance, backed up by intricate licks of other crew members, so expression on this EP is as effective as on their follow-up full-length; German digipak edition comes with eight page booklet