Deicide CD
Deicide CD Deicide CD Deicide CD


Deicide CD

Label: Roadrunner

Release Year: 1998
Artist Origin: USA
Style: hateful extreme brutal death metal

the fundamental debut longplay [1990] by Floridian monsters bursts with minor, dissonant and oppressing riffs, reflecting on the subtlety of a nuclear battle - Hoffman brothers on lead guitars, Steve Asheim on drums, and the ever-controversial Glen Benton on bass and vocals tried to make the most demonic slab of extreme metal ever, and this task was successfully completed!; they've caught the essence of blasphemous, raging, raw, and primal satanic music, which sounds like your worst nightmare; recent European re-issue comes with a remastered sound and liner notes by Michael Moynihan [Blood Axis] in the booklet