Fireball CD
Fireball CD Fireball CD Fireball CD


Fireball CD

Label: Parlophone / Warner
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: fundamental loud expressive hard rock

title track of the fifth DP album [1971] is universally considered the first ever speed metal song written and released, where Ian Paice effectively uses double bass drumming, and this shall be more than enough to welcome this legendary opus as your family member - six more numbers of original edition have more hard and classic rock variety in there, with trippy, psychedelic accents admittedly back from the earliest incarnation of the band, making this a well balanced, diverse and expressive album by the godfathers; first out in 1996, this 25th anniversary edition in slipcase comes with a remastered sound, extensive 28 page booklet containing photos and the history of the release, and no less than nine bonuses, including another top hit single Strange Kind of Woman, more album outtakes, B sides and exclusive remixes by Roger Glover