Deep Purple in Rock CD
Deep Purple in Rock CD Deep Purple in Rock CD Deep Purple in Rock CD


Deep Purple in Rock CD

Label: Parlophone / Warner
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1995
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: fundamental loud expressive hard rock

opinions on which Purple album is the best usually differ, yet nobody argues about the most fundamental, essential record [1970] that was the cornerstone of heavy rock turned metal soon after - exactly before this recording charismatic vocalist Ian Gillan and no less significant bass player Roger Glover have joined the band, making an ideal creative force with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore; dynamic, expressive, rebellious sound on the edge of abilities back in the day has opened completely new page in evolution of loud music; anniversary European edition comes with a sound remastered from authentic studio tapes at Abbey Road, additional alternative remixes and other rare bonuses, crowned by 24 page booklet, enriched by vintage photos