...and Time Begins LP
...and Time Begins LP ...and Time Begins LP ...and Time Begins LP


...and Time Begins LP

Label: Unique Leader / Only Vinyl Is Real / Osmose

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: USA
Style: dark intense technical death metal

regardless of considered the most typical and conformist album by DB so far, this debut recording [2003] is nonetheless high class brutality, handled in modern technical way, building upon the blocks of early nineties' death metal scene - you cannot be wrong with such an exceptional rhythm section that drummer Tim Yeung [Morbid Angel] and bassist Derek Boyer [Suffocation] together provide, while imagination of then starter guitar player Matt Sotelo in a whirlwind of riff department and shadow-raising rabid barking of Bill Robinson deserve a special mention; recent French black 180g vinyl edition with a pro-printed inner sleeve is limited to 500 units