Manifestations 2002 CD
Manifestations 2002 CD Manifestations 2002 CD Manifestations 2002 CD


Manifestations 2002 CD

Label: End All Life
Price: 18€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: FRA
Style: raw misanthropic apocalyptic black metal

written and recorded in late 2001, still with an early line-up, this session of eight cuts was released just in part back in time - and still not so quickly - on an exclusive Crushing The Holy Trinity compilation, while songs supposed to become a split with Cantus Bestiae have remained unreleased up until this CD edition, revealing up a tad more dynamic and aggressive angle of well familiar entity; 40 minute manifest can be bravely titled as an individual album, or a missing link between early ferocious sound and new generation DsO, even though just with a minimal amount of dissonant motives and technical precision within the thick, disgusting black metal mass; recent slipcase edition on kult French label comes with black jewel case and additional design elements