Infernal Battles CD
Infernal Battles CD Infernal Battles CD Infernal Battles CD


Infernal Battles CD

Label: End All Life
Price: 18€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: FRA
Style: raw misanthropic apocalyptic black metal

the first longplay [2000] of nowadays phenomenal recognized entity was characterized by some other features than current direction of DsO - grown up on gritty underground reality of French back metal legions, essentially picking up on what they have been doing with early Hirilorn recordings, the servants of evil have shaped their own apocalypse with buzzing guitar wall of sound and no calmer or vicious vocals of Shaxul; by the way, the second half of this release is nothing else but first Disciples of the Ultimate Void demo tape [1999] material, so the first four tracks in comparison are much better structured and produced; recent slipcase edition of kult French label comes with black jewel case and additional design elements