Black Mass CD DIGI
Black Mass CD DIGI Black Mass CD DIGI Black Mass CD DIGI


Black Mass CD DIGI

Artist: DEATH SS
Label: Shadow Kingdom
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: ITA
Style: mysterious occult horror heavy metal

the follow-up to that savage and weird debut of twisted horror metal godfathers was written pretty quickly, so in 1989 the enigmatic five-peace have returned both with a modified line-up and altered scenario, intensifying their energies and putting more complex structures into compositions - however, a trademark epic and storytelling character with theatrical atmosphere, horror-laden sound and monumental delivery remained intact, granting the world quite evocative longplay alongside the likes of King Diamond and Lizzy Borden; recent digipak re-issue on golden disk comes with a remastered sound, updated layout and exclusive The Mandrake Root bonus, US import