Transilvanian Hunger 2CD DIGIBOOK
Transilvanian Hunger 2CD DIGIBOOK Transilvanian Hunger 2CD DIGIBOOK


Transilvanian Hunger 2CD DIGIBOOK

Label: Peaceville

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: raw primitive unholy black metal

this is the most atrocious and primeval Darkthrone effort from kult and rebelious jet black metal era - raw, primitive and unholy full-length [1994], carving out the most direct, underground and ferocious sound possible, still maintaining enormously strong and so far unmatched evil atmosphere behind the music, lyrics and visual aesthetics, thus leaving no doubts about their path chosen; recent hard cover digibook edition marks twentieth anniversary of the album and comes with a remastered sound, liner notes, extra video interview [part IV] and additional disc, where Fenriz comments and reflects on the recording process, as well as makes insight on the time of the recording itself