Total Death 2CD
Total Death 2CD Total Death 2CD Total Death 2CD


Total Death 2CD

Label: Peaceville

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: raw grim atmospheric black metal

with Fenriz trying more diverse means of expression, diving into no less than three side projects, in mid nineties Norwegian black metal godfathers have come to a breaking point and eventually have restricted their activities for few years, yet before that the celebrated duo have released this eight tracker [1996] that sounded quite different from what their typically ferocious and devastating releases were offering, aiming at ill-natured atmosphere coming out of raucous, underground, imperfect sound; recent British super jewel box edition comes with God of Disturbance & Friction bonus from label compilation and additional disc, where Fenriz and Nocturno Culto comment and reflect on the recording process, as well as make insight on time of the recording itself