The Cult Is Alive CD
The Cult Is Alive CD The Cult Is Alive CD The Cult Is Alive CD


The Cult Is Alive CD

Label: Tyrant Syndicate / Peaceville

Release Year: 2006
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: addictive expressive rock'n roll black metal

the year 2006 was a breaking point for Norwegian black metal legend, when they abruptly cut with the past direction and attitude, opening up for an old school rocking metal and rough punk influenced retro sound - quite a shock for the audience stuck with one direction pushing the ignore button on everything else, so it is love it or fuckin' hate record of sorts, altering old school black metal with loud rock'n roll attitude, igniting a new wave of interest in DT nonetheless, much like a growing wish to know more about the past heroes of underground music that inspired Gylve and Ted to dare start all this masquerade; limited first press slipcase edition