Diabolis Interium CD
Diabolis Interium CD Diabolis Interium CD Diabolis Interium CD


Diabolis Interium CD

Label: Century Media

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: intense ominous infernal black metal

hyperfast, ominous and grandiloquent Scandinavian black metal terror rises for the third time on one of the most prominent, majestic Dark Funeral albums [2001], striking with merciless intensity, infernal harmonies and menacing apocalyptic feeling, triumphing with painfully dramatic numbers as Hail Murder or the title track; exclusive series of stunning re-issues alongside the band's 20th anniversary come with a remastered sound, the entire five track Teach Children to Worship Satan mini album [2000], including tastefully remade covers of Slayer, King Diamond, Sodom and Mayhem, and three high quality live in South America [2003] numbers as bonus, together with detailed liner notes, improved artwork, and vintage photos, totaling in over 70 minutes of pure satanic blasphemy