Kindly Bent to Free Us 2LP
Kindly Bent to Free Us 2LP Kindly Bent to Free Us 2LP Kindly Bent to Free Us 2LP


Kindly Bent to Free Us 2LP

Artist: CYNIC
Label: Season of Mist

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: USA
Style: progressive technical transcendental atmospheric metal

over four years in making, the longplay number three in outstanding progressive metal/rock visionaries' history is out, and it is a new apex in the evolution of ever evolving transcendental outfit; eight tracks are rich, vibrant, and evocative - the mark of a band that are masters of their craft, a natural continuation as well as a collection of new ideas, incorporating elements distilled from the musical experiments conducted on the two previous EP releases; the alchemy of frontman Paul Masvidal and rhythmaniacs Sean Reinert and Sean Malone assure yet another crescendo in the band's illustrious, ground-breaking career; third press of gatefold sleeve double black 45rpm vinyl with pro-printed inner sleeves is limited to 500 units